To access the virtual machine and test the software, open Remote Desktop Connection on your computer (by default, this software is already installed on most Windows and Mac operating systems, and available for download on most others). In the Remote Desktop Connection window, enter the following information into the field called "Computer", "IP", "Remote computer" or similar:


Click "Connect" or "OK" to confirm. When the next window pops up, enter user name and password, and confirm. Please use the user name "testit". As password, please enter a single word that is synonymous with a "quick, jerky eye movement", followed by the number of zebrafish depicted in step 5 of Figure 1a. You are allowed to use the machine for one hour before it disconnects your session.

On the Desktop of this Windows 7 virtual machine, you will find:

If you want to use own data in the remote session, please mount your local data as explained in this tutorial:
RDP Session with local media

Please note that testing Psychtoolbox stimulus design and presentation is not currently possible via this virtual machine, as no stimulus screens are connected to it. System status will be reverted after every logout, and changes to any files are only saved temporarily.

You can download the latest version of ZebEyeTrack here:

ZebEyeTrack Full Version3

ZebEyeTrack Light Version3

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Images (c) by Lizzy Griffiths